We have sail training courses aimed at both beginners and at more experienced sailors looking to perfect their skills and knowledge. We use yachts which are carefully selected to be well suited to training, but also fast and fun to sail. Our objective is always to develop practical skills alongside the theoretical knowledge needed to be a safe and competent sailor.  Some other training organisations separate theory and practice and this negatively impacts on the quality of learning.  The most effective learning  is in a consolidated process which mixes the two elements.  We believe that our approach to sail training is more enjoyable, more educational and produces better sailors more quickly. Come along and experience the Sail in Asia / International Yacht Training approach and we are confident that you will agree with us.

Added to this we use excellent, experienced instructors and the most suitable training yachts yachts. Altogether, you get a better sail training package with Sail in Asia as our classrooms are 50 yards off the beach and our yachts (9 of them) are only 100m off the beach in Ao Yon Bay . The Recreational Courses we run are all available every month, in some cases twice a month and this means you can plan your holiday course with some flexibility. The range of courses is again extensive and suits people of all ages and experience level. So sign up today and move your yachting career or leisure interest forward in the unique tropical setting of SE Phuket.

Get your sail training in a tropical climate in ideal learning conditions. IYT Yacht Training Certification is recognised Worldwide.