Want to get into the yachting business but don't know where to start? A sailing internship with Sail in Asia allows even a complete beginner to develop the skills and get the hands on experience needed to get that first job. You'll earn either an Instructor certificate or the IYT Yachtmaster Coastal during your sailing internship, so you'll have the qualifications as well. Which of these two significant qualifications you set as your goal during your time with us depends on your ultimate goal. Do you want to be a yacht skipper, an instructor, a sailing school manager. Perhaps you just want to change you life and try something new. One thing for sure, you are passionate about learning about the yachting business.

The Sail In Asia sailing internship is unique and the best start for aspiring sailing instructors. Our programme is very popular so apply early.

Clear ahead
Clear ahead

Sail In Asia Sailing Internships - learn from the best

We provide all the required training courses and masses of opportunities to build the experience needed to allow you to develop the skills and confidence to teach IYT yachting courses or to skipper yachts on coastal passages. You'll get exposure to all aspects of running a water sports activity centre. The nice ones like racing and cruising into a foreign port, and of course the not so nice ones like preparing, maintaining  and repairing yachts. You'll need to develop expertise in all aspects of the sport if you are to have a successful and fulfilling career in yachting; so none of this experience is a waste.

Of course not everyone has what it takes to be a sailing instructor or a yacht skipper. At Sail In Asia we take great care to help prospective interns during the application process in working out it this is for you. Once accepted for an internship you will get personal attention and support from senior Sail In Asia staff, regular feedback on progress and individually tailored development activities.  You will also have a special project that will make the most of your previous experience and skills. This project will be designed to meet both your objectives and those of Sail In Asia in continually improving our company.

The price of the Internship is shown below. In addition you will be asked to pay returnable bond of 200,000 THB. This bond is returned to you in full at the end of the internship. Return of the bond is dependent on you completing the full duration of the internship. You may not leave early.

SIA Internship Course Prices

Location Duration (days) Early Booking Discount Price (THB)
60 Days Before 30 Days Before Full Price
Phuket 364 100,000

+ 200,000 THB returnable Bond

Refunded in full on completion of the full term of the internship.

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