Yacht Race Training – How to go faster?

Why do you need yacht race training? Well only you can really answer that question but it’s probably because you want to WIN!! To beat your friends and colleagues on their yachts. To sail faster, closer to the wind and in just the right part of the bay. The trouble is, although you can sail, you aren’t quite sure how to win that race.

Develop your yacht race potential with a racing coach!

At Sail in Asia we have the yachts, the experience and the ideal training grounds for teaching keen sailors to race or to improve their current race skills. Your yacht race training is in good hands, we have outstanding sailors with years of yacht racing experience to teach you. Our yachts always do well in the local regattas, including the new One Design Yacht Racing Regatta and Phuket Kings Cup, check up on our record so you know it’s not just talk!

Racing Courses and Regattas

Improve your boat handling!

Great boat handling is the key to fast sailing, are you sailing well upwind and tacking accurately?  Do you know how to get the best out of your boat in the gusts and in the lulls, when to pinch and when to bear away.  Do you know the rules sufficiently well to get involved in close mark roundings. How good is your crew work? Are you well coordinated and getting those sails sheeted in at exactly right moment?  We will look at all of this with you and you’ll be surprised how quickly you improve and how much fun it is.

Learn to use all the controls to go faster still.

Our staff know a lot about how to make a boat sail fast and how to win races. Let them show you ON OUR FLEET of 7 matched Platus. We will teach you to use spinnakers and to understand race tactics, tune rigs and set sails. There’s a lot to learn so start early if you want to participate in 2020s Regattas in SE Asia.

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