The Bareboat Skipper Refresher Course / Holiday is available at our Sailing Schools in Thailand.
This Bareboat Skipper refresher course will help you revive the skills and knowledge you first acquired when you completed your IYT Bareboat Skipper Course.
You probably don't remember everything you learnt on your Bareboat Skippers course if you haven't sailed much since? But now there is The Bareboat Skipper Frefresher Course to help. It is a practical course for reviving those skills whilst ensuring you have some fun in the sun.  You will enjoy an informal three day course and if the conditions are right it may include an overnight trip to Krabi to sample the mangrove environs of the beautiful rivers and estuaries of this province. By the end of the three days, you will be capable of skippering a small yacht, safely in the open sea and in estuarine waters.

As well as refreshing your skills, the Bareboat Skipper Refresher Course really is a fantastically relaxing break that takes you to parts of Thailand (Krabi Province) that few yachtsmen venture in to. Our course really encourages you to explore lesser known waters safely with well-qualified Instructors who will improve your seafaring skills and leave you ready for more.

Very probably the bug will have bitten you and you’ll want to take the training further: Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster! Who knows?

Additional Details:

A relaxed course which is mostly on the water, sailing and refreshing your knowledge. Informal instruction provided as required.

Previous experience: Bareboat Skipper (Have done our zero to hero course)
Duration: 3 days
Qualifications: N/A
What's included: Safety equipment, Instruction, Yacht, Bottled Water, Fuel and Insurance
What's optional: Sailing Gloves, SiA T shirts, SiA Caps and Log Books
What's required: Waterproof roll bag, light deck shoes, shorts or long trousers, t shirt, sunglasses and sunblock.
We can help you with the following on request:
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfer
  • Motor Bike or Car Rental
  • What to do and where to go in Phuket
Course Dates:
29th - 31st Jan
29th - 31st Mar
29th - 31st May
29th - 31st Jul
29th - 31st Aug
29th - 31st Oct

Bareboat Refresher Course Prices

Location Duration (days) Early Booking Discount Price (THB)
60 Days Before 30 Days Before Full Price
Phuket 3 19,000 21,000 23,000
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