SIA Training Fleet

Learn to Sail Palawan

The yacht that we use in Palawan has been carefully chosen for learning to sail.

With large, comfortable cockpits and plenty of space they allow excellent student / instructor interaction making learning to sail safe, easy and fun. However, they also have the heart of a racing yacht making them responsive and fun to sail, especially in stronger breezes.

Yacht Training in Palawan

SIA Training Vessel in El Nido Palawan- Learn to Sail with Sail In Asia - Palawan in the Phillipines. Contact Sail In Asia today and get sailing in a tropical paradise. Our courses are listed below and can be organized either as Zero to Hero program or individually or even private tuition.  Let us know your requirements and then perhaps finish off your holiday with an expedition.

SIA Training Fleet

Training Yacht in Palawan

The videos below show our training yacht in action. The vessel is aluminum and is 45ft in length. This yacht that can be used from everything from Learn To Sail for beginners to Yacht Master Offshore Training classes.


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