Superyacht Crew Training

Do you want to give your yachting career a boost?

Superyacht crew training. Are you sitting at a desk considering  a new beginning, another career, a career at sea?

Sail in Asia offer a variety of training for Superyacht crew training at its sailing school in Phuket, Thailand. If you are new to this industry, well this is THE place to get started.Our basic deckhand and advanced deckhand courses will give you the essential training that you need to get started on your new career and support your job search. There is really little point in attempting to get a crewing position on any yacht until you know the basics and have the skills to be useful on board. Once you have the basics, then you are ready to start building your experience as a deckhand.

Start your Superyacht career

Our Superyacht Crew Training Courses go all the way to Master of Yachts (MOY) Limited (200 tonnes), but these deckhand courses are specially designed to get you started. One of the most important elements of any crew members' training these days is basic safety training. The STCW basic safety training course is included in both of these composite deckhand courses. The STCW training includes sea survival, firefighting, first aid, as well as personal and social responsibility. It also has the newly added ship security awareness module.

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