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SIA Training Materials

Sail in Asia Training Materials are available for courses when you sign up for one. These materials have been audited as MCA compliant courses. The handbooks below are designed by SIA and cover many of the International Sailing Schools syllabii. The SIA training materials are owned by Sail In Asia and have been evolved as a direct result of teaching students who were trying to master the skills and knowledge required to pass ISSA courses. Sail in Asia Training materials are reviewed and added to every year. This year we have evolved these into new ISSA Course Handbooks. Sail in Asia also produce lecturing materials for Instructor Trainees, Powerpoint presentations, Exercises for individual courses and Evaluation materials to ensure the students competences are rigorously measured and recorded.

ISSA have also collaborated with Sail in Asia to allow us to produce the training materials for ISSA Yacht Crew, Inshore Skipper 1, Inshore Skipper 2 and Offshore Skipper courses. SIA  have designed the Keelboat Crew, Navigator and Skipper Courses for the modern keelboat.

  • SIA Zero to Hero courses are a means of achieving ISSA Inshore Skipper, VHF certification and the early marine training such as ISSA Yacht Crew certification, in a 14 day period.
  • The ISSA Yachtmaster Offshore is a course addressed to candidates that already have a good understanding of sailing/boat handling, nautical terminology and safety at sea and wish to concentrate on gaining better skills and understanding of marine topics.


ISSA/SIA Course Handbooks

RIB Skipper

Inshore Skipper

Yacht Crew

Zero to Hero

Master of Yachts

VHF Radio

Offshore Skipper