Learn to Sail a Platu

The Learn to Sail Course

 The course is all about learning through experiential activity - having fun!

The Learn to Sail Course is a 2 day sailing course in Phuket or Pattaya in Thailand and El Nido (Palawan) in the Phillipines. If you have never helmed (steered) a sailing boat before, the first day on the sailing course, will be an unforgettable experience for you. We start on land and give you a safety briefing and show you how to tie a few knots.

Then its off to the dinghy that we paddle out, to the yachts, which are lying just 100m off shore. We demonstrate how to start the engine in a simple briefing and then we show you where the safety equipment is before casting off from our mooring.  Next you will be introduced to the wind, where its blowing from and how we can tell how strong or light it is. Many of us in everyday life very much take the wind for granted –  It is a lot harder than it sounds and most people find it tricky when they first try it; but it is the most basic skill you'll need to master to sail a yacht. Once we clear out of the anchorage we hoist our mainsail and then our jib and that's when the fun begins.

 Finding the wind is the hardest skill to master !

Once you know where the wind is coming from and how to steer the boat in the direction you want to go, you need to learn how to trim the sails so that they generate the power, to keep the boat moving. Everyone gets to steer the boat under power and sail. We take turns at every job in the boat and slowly over the course of the day learn the rudiments of sailing in the beautiful tropical waters of Ao Yon bay. We spend two days on this course and by the end of day two its amazing - everyone can sail and has had a superb time!  Our mission is to ensure that you really enjoy the course so check the client feedback.

Your main target when you learn sailing is to build your knowledge and develop the practical skills you need to use for sailing. Our course is 95% practical and only 5% theoretical - Why?  Because its more fun and a much faster, higher standard, learning!  True there are a lot of other things to learn, but you will already have made the transformation from landlubber* to sailor; you are on your way. You'll be keen to sign up for your next sailing course with Sail in Asia.

* A landlubber is the traditional term sailors use to describe those with no knowledge of the sea.

Additional Details:
  • Safety
  • Look out duties
  • Rigging the boat
  • Reaching and Tacking
  • Parts of the Boat (basic)
  • MOB under engine
  • Leaving a mooring
  • Anchoring
  • Using the engine
  • Steering the vessel
  • Hoisting Sail - Trimming
  • Obtaining a Weather Forecast
Previous experience: None required
Duration: 2 days
Qualifications: Learn to Sail
What's included: Safety equipment, Instruction, Yacht, Bottled Water, Fuel and Insurance
What's optional: Sailing Gloves, SiA T shirts, SiA Caps and Log Books
What's required: Waterproof roll bag, light deck shoes, shorts or long trousers, t shirt, sunglasses and sunblock.
We can help you with the following on request:
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfer
  • Motor Bike or Car Rental
  • What to do and where to go in Phuket

Learn to Sail

Learn to Sail

Duration: 2 Days
Course Dates:
ISSA Learn to Sail Courses start on

1st - 2nd and 15th - 16th  of every month

Not the right dates for you? Contact us, we can often arrange other dates.  Private courses are possible if you give us enough time to schedule them in.

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Learn to Sail Course Prices

Location Duration (days) Early Booking Discount Price
More than 90 Days Before Full Price
Phuket 1 day 12,000THB 16,000THB