The SIA Sailing Milecatcher has no fixed program or schedule and can be just a short journey on a yacht from Phuket to Krabi, a longer trip from Phuket to Langkawi, or perhaps more?  A real adventure - an experience such as going to Mexico, for instance and gaining miles in the Sea of Cortez with our experienced cruising Instructor Roberto Camara.  Check out the journey descriptions below and see which appeals to you?   A sailing voyage allows even a complete beginner to develop the skills and get the hands on experience needed, to gain valuable sea time. You learnto become a useful and valued member of the crew on a blue water yacht.  If you already have qualifications you will be able to earn mileage, sea time, to take the steps towards your next level of yachting certification.  Maybe you just want to change you life and try something new?  One thing is for sure, you are going to go to sea with some highly qualified sailors, to begin the journey towards becoming a better sailor.

Learn from the best

Sail in Asia have 12 yachts for training, racing, schools provision and yacht charter.  Our sailing school is the biggest in Asia and we are dedicated to yacht training for all.  We provide the required training courses and unique sailing opportunities to build the experience needed to allow you to develop skills and confidence.  Sailing passages enable you to prepare for IYT yachting courses, or to crew and skipper cruising yachts, racing yachts, multihull yachts or motor yachts, on coastal passages.  You’ll get exposure to all aspects of running a blue water yacht including planning passages and entering different ports.  You’ll need to develop expertise in all aspects of the running a boat if you are to have a successful sea passage, to advance your experience and qualifications.  This is what you get on one of our Milecatcher.


Offshore Yachtmaster Candidate – sailing experiences

Need a lot of miles so you can become a Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore skipper? Why not consider our 1400NM trip from Iran Buri to Phuket.  It should take at least 3/4 weeks. Its gonna be an interesting voyage, especially around Singapore and in the busy Straits of Malacca. Are your skills and navigation good enough for passing through Singapore?  Don’t worry you are with an experienced skipper who will guide and support you. This is a demanding SIA sailing Milecatcher – are you up to it?

If you want to try out a Farr 42,  this is a trip for you. It really is a superb boat and goes like a rocket. It’s well equipped and it will certainly sharpen up your steering, when its windy.  If you need practical and theoretical practice prior to doing your Yachtmaster – this is the right journey for you!

Location Duration (days) Early Booking Discount Price (THB)
60 Days Before 30 Days Before Full Price
Pattaya to Phuket via Singapore 14 Day 1400 NM Milecatcher 70,000THB 80,000THB 100,000THB

Sea of Cortez – Mexico

This is a voyage that is not in any travel brochures involving you in managing and crewing a vessel traversing The Sea of Cortez.  This sea is an unspoiled wilderness of outstanding beauty which Roberto Camara, one of Sail in Asia’s most accomplished and delightful instructors guides you through. Check out his bespoke passages by contacting us and we will put you in direct contact, to explore the possibilities.

If you really want an amazing holiday and earn lots of miles too you should consider joining the Passage in the Sea of Cortez.  The skipper is Roberto Camara one of sail in Asia ‘s best instructors. Roberto has a keen wit and an infectious sense of humor as well as charm. In other words he’s a great skipper who its easy to be with.  The marine wildlife and the desolate but stunning coastal topography make this a really fabulous voyage. Let us know if you want further details and we will get back to you quickly.

Location Duration (days) Early Booking Discount Price (THB)
60 Days Before 30 Days Before Full Price
Sea of Cortez Milecatcher 14 Day Milecatcher 100,000THB 110,000THB 120,000THB

Short Sailing Passages

The easiest and perhaps most popular SIA Sailing Milecatcher we offer, is our Phuket to Krabi Trip.  We often take our Farr 1104s on this trip and sometimes our Corsair 28 trimaran, as well as our Platus because its usually only a half day sail. We can anchor in bays or go to several marinas in Krabi and environs but usually we find a berth at KBL marina or in Krabi Town.  Its a perfect long weekend trip and is often done with anything up to four or five boats.

Location Duration (days) Early Booking Discount Price (THB)
60 Days Before 30 Days Before Full Price
Thailand Phuket Krabi return 3/4 Day Milecatcher 15,000THB 17,500,000THB 20,000THB

Phuket to Langkawi

This is a 200NM passage from Phuket to Langkawi and then back to Phuket which takes approximately four or five day days to complete.  The participants complete approximately 100NM and explore the coastline of Krabi and Southern Thailand, on the way to Langkawi.  The SIA mile catcher is popular with participants and instructors and includes night navigation, watches, rest periods, boat checks and maintenance as well as sharing meal preparation and passage monitoring.

We normally take one of our blue water ocean going vessels, one of our Farr 1104s or perhaps our new J 35 Racer cruiser. Sometimes we take down these vessels to Langkawi, to participate in the Langkawi Regatta or the Raja Muda Regatta. Moving boats is fun and gives you great experiences especially in the Monsoon season, when it can be pretty windy. Don’t worry we don’t have tropical storms or Typhoons in this area its all manageable conditions but still challenging.  You get a chance to sail in all sorts of weather under the careful watch of a very experienced mariner on yachts that are safe and well equipped.

Location Duration (days) Early Booking Discount Price (THB)
60 Days Before 30 Days Before Full Price
Thailand Phuket Krabi return 4/5 Day Milecatcher 25,000THB 27,500,000THB 30,000THB

Options to suit every student

The easiest and perhaps most popular trip to obtain Mileage is our Phuket to Krabi Trip and we even do this trip in our Platus as its usually only a day sail and we usually find a berth at KBL marina or in Krabi Town.  Its a perfect long weekend trip and is often done with anything up to four or five boats. Its the ideal SIA Sailing Milecatcher!

Perhaps you don’t have that much time then?  Take a look at the  Langkawi to Phuket trip, its 4/5 days of sailing and its less demanding and less stressful with no busy sea lanes to negotiate.

When you journey with us at SIA you get an experience or experiences that are not run of the mill.  We take you to places that hardly any other sailing schools venture near and you learn some valuable lessons that you will remember for life.  Its not miles that matter its what you learn on the way and how skilled you become at planning ahead and anticipating issues that may be problematic if you don’t see them coming. Safe sailing is our goal and that’s what your IYT Examiner looks at when assessing you as a Yacht Master.  Let us know if we can help you get the miles, the experience and the adventure of sailing on Milecatchers.

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